Co To Buddhist Pine Park

In 2020, in the expanded campus of the relic site, Co To Buddhist pine park was started to be built (phase 1), contributing to the conservation of this rare and precious tree of the island and creating a highlight of the landscape and tourism environment, creating unique products, honoring the beauty of President Ho Chi Minh relic site, thereby contributing to the education of patriotic tradition, national unity and affirming the country's sovereignty over the sea and islands.
Buddhist Pine Park was built on the area of 2.19 hectares with state resources combined with the contribution of the people, civil servants and business community to expand the space, create beautiful, dignified architecture and landscape for the relic site. Taking harmony with nature as inspiration to design, with more than 60 days of project implementation, Co To Buddhist pine park project has been basically completed. This is one of the big tree projects in Co To that both preserve the rare species of pine and create a beautiful environment near the monument of Uncle Ho.
On the small island, in the middle of the sea, the majestic statue of Uncle Ho faces the East Sea as if affirming the truth that Co To island is a sacred fence of the Fatherland, and part of the "blood" and "flesh" of the country.
More than half a century has passed since Uncle Ho visited the island and allowed the locals to build a monument of him so that they would always have him by their side. Time flies but the respect of the people for Uncle Ho remains, and his footprints and his warmth seem to be still visible on the land of Co To.
His footprints on the salt field where he once visited...
The potato field where he stopped to talk to the locals...
The memorial house where he met with officials and people of Co To... 
All still affirm a strong belief of the soldiers and people on Co To island in Uncle Ho and his immense love for the people of Co To island.
This place has witnessed important milestones in the transformation of Co To island such as being connected with national electricity grid, being recognized as the first new rural island district in the country, as well as many cultural events and spiritual activities of the people on the island. Especially at the foot of Uncle Ho Monument, officials, soldiers, and people often perform the flag-raising ceremony every Monday morning, a beautiful culture that is always preserved in Co To.
The historical event of Uncle Ho's visit to Co To 
Island on May 9, 1961 has great values to the Party Committee, soldiers and people of Co To district, showing Uncle Ho's care and love for people and soldiers in remote islands. It is forever an eternal mark in the minds of the soldiers and people of the island district. More than sixty years have passed, despite many ups and downs, the whole Party and people of Co To have constantly overcome difficulties, determined to protect and build the island district to become richer and more beautiful day by day to live up to Uncle Ho’s expectation and advice: "The capital of Hanoi is far away from the islands, but the Party and the Government always care about the people of the islands and hope that they will always unite, strive and make progress”.
The Management Board of Ho Chi Minh Memorial Site wishes you a happy and complete trip to Co To! Thank you for visiting the Special National Monument of President Ho Chi Minh Memorial Site on Co To Island. Goodbye and see you next time!