President Ho Chi Minh Temple relic site

Behind the statue of President Ho Chi Minh is Uncle Ho Temple. Built and inaugurated in 2005, this work was to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Quang Ninh Mine Liberation Day (April 25, 1955 – April 25, 2005). As the only temple on the island, it is to show the people's respect to Uncle Ho. It was constructed by the Central Cultural Equipment and Renovation Company on an area of 116m2 in the ancient architectural style of 8 roofs, including 3 compartments with 4 rows of pillars, 2 stories of roof with completely ironwood material. The walls were built of malleable bricks, roofed with “mui hai” tiles (a type of roof tile with a rounded head shaped like a shoe in the old days).
In the middle of the temple is a bust statue of Uncle Ho. Above is his quote: "The capital of Hanoi is far away from the islands, but the Party and the Government always care about the people of the islands and hope that they will unite, strive and make progress”. In front of Uncle Ho's statue is a wooden altar decorated with worship items such as incense burner, trays, lampstands, vases, etc.
Uncle Ho temple faces the East Sea with traditional Vietnamese architecture. Around the temple is a system of squares planted with souvenir trees, harmoniously designed, bearing the typical space and colors of the sea. The temple yard is a cool and beautiful space with lush flowers and trees. In the distance is the sea with lapping waves, creating an airy and magnificent space.
The temple has a mossy, ancient, arched dome that rises to the blue sky. It is roofed in the style of three levels with a pair of dragons worshiping the moon on the top. In front of the yard, there is an incense burner and a stele recording the time of the temple's construction. Inside the temple is an altar to worship Uncle Ho. The temple courtyard is paved with red bricks, evoking the warm and idyllic hometown color.
Uncle Ho temple on Co To island is a place of spiritual activities, where people send wishes for a prosperous, happy and peaceful life. With an extremely sacred meaning associated with Uncle Ho's revolutionary life and career, the Prime Minister decided to rank President Ho Chi Minh memorial site on Co To island as a special national historical relic in January 2022. In the campus, the leaders of the Party, the State, the provinces, districts and people have planted many rare and valuable trees, including Co To Buddhist pine tree.